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by Sean on January 28, 2011

I’m convinced that when the discussion about consolidation continues for the next several months, the item central to the discussion will be the email. Before we get to consolidation, let’s talk about the email. First and foremost, why did I receive it? I’m a NASPA member, though not a particularly involved one. Did this email hit the entire NASPA membership directory, or was it a select few? How were those email addresses obtained? I’d like the curtain to be pulled back a little on this particular point. I’m mildly concerned about the abuse of privileged information in how my data was obtained, but I’ll reserve judgment until I know more about it.

On to NASPA, Yes! Consolidation, No! The supporters of this effort are a storied group. While I know none of them personally, they are well respected individuals in the higher ed profession. They are movers and shakers in our community, and I think when you get a band of well-known professionals that take a stand for or against something, we should pause and take note. I have, and always will, respect passion. Passionate people get things done in this world, though we certainly need to evaluate whether that passion crosses the line of civil discourse. Has it done so in this case? I have my own opinion, but I’ll give you the opportunity to form your own without my input.

This group is trying to convince you to vote one way, and there will be individuals and other groups that support or oppose them, all in an effort to sway your vote. My advice? Don’t let it happen. You’re smart, competent, and should have a vested interest in the consolidation vote. Is this a pivotal moment in this profession? Maybe/maybe not. Again, I’ll let you decide. Do your research, become an educated decision-maker, and vote with confidence that you’ve synthesized the information and are doing the right thing. How am I going to vote? That’s between me, my mouse, and my electronic submission, and it truly shouldn’t matter to you.

I believe in critical analysis and independent thought. I bet you do, too. Do your homework, cast your vote, and let’s see what shakes out.

  • Ross Jungers

    I got it. I’ve actually received at least two in the past month or so. I was wondering the same thing as you. How did they get my address? Did NASPA allow this group to use their member list? That would seem silly to me. However, who knows? Definitely not I. When and if you find out, please let us know.

    • Sean Grube

      I heard through Grospitch the email went out to all NASPA members in an effort to be representative of differing points if view. Very surprising…

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